Mining industry body calls for cuts to red tape

The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies has released a set of efficiency-boosting suggestions to the Western Australian government.

AMEC says its policy platform, handed over to WA mines minister Norman Moore, will streamline regulation and cut costs for projects.

"We're asking for a number of changes in Government policy that will obviously improve the approvals process which we still think has a long way to go and also set up a more conducive policy environment that will encourage investment back into the industry," Simon Bennison, AMEC’s CEO told the ABC.

Bennison cited a Port Jackson Partners report finding that mining iron ore and thermal coal projects 30 per cent and 66 per cent more expensive in Australia compared to global averages.

4-Traders reports Bennison as saying, "AMEC believes policy reform now is critical in order to maintain and enhance WA`s position as an attractive jurisdiction for mineral exploration and mining investment."

There have been calls in Queensland to cut 'green tape' and to streamline operations in the region.

Member for Mt Isa, Rob Katter is pushing through legislation to unlock the land to miners.

Katter had tabled the Environment Protection (Greentape Reduction) and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 to assist miners and farmers, the North West Star reports.

The amendment seeks to make changes to a wide number of different existing acts, including the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003, the Mineral Resources Act 1989, and the Petroleum Act 1923.

A major focus of the bill is the "streamlining and clarifying [of] information requirements".

It also seeks to combine the single application requirements that previously applied separately to mining and chapter 5A projects.

The Northern Territory's new Government has also announced it will seek to streamline mining approvals.

Newly appointed Territory mining minister Willem Westra vna Holthe yesterday declared the region 'open for business'.

He stated that the Government is fully supportive of the development of new mines.

The policy platform is available here.


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