Mining company Perilya surprised by land valuation inquiry

A parliamentary inquiry into land valuations has caught mining company Perilya by surprise.

The company which operates the zinc, lead and silver mine in Broken Hill admitted they were only told about the inquiry yesterday, ABC reported.

The inquiry is evaluating how more than two million New South Wales properties are valued.

Perilya managing director Paul Arndt said the company was rushing to compile a presentation for its meeting with members of the inquiry today.

Arndt said he has a lot of questions for them.

"Why this is being convened at such a pace and there's no sense of when that committee has to report back and subsequent submissions," he said.

"So we can give some preliminary thoughts – that's exactly what it would be.

Late last year Perilya had its own land value overturned in court, meaning the local council has to pay back almost eight million dollars.

Currently the New South Wales Valuer-General is appealing the decision.

Arndt said the experience has equipped his company with specialised knowledge of the workings of the legislation surrounding land valuations.

"We could give some fairly direct feedback on what we would see as being strengths and weaknesses of the both Act and the way that people choose to apply that Act," he said.

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