Mining coaches go wireless with Wi-Fi

In a bid to get miners out of cars and onto buses, Greyhound Australia has installed Wi-Fi on 13 of its mining coaches.

The company has introduced wireless internet to its Bowen Basin coaches.

Greyhound commercial manager Ben Tune said the company will continue rolling out the high-speed Telstra Next G service on the Bowen Basin coaches.

“There are inherent dangers involved in commuting to and from work in the Bowen Basin and miners often travel long distances at night and on remote roads,” Tune said.

“Offering Wi-Fi on a coach is an added incentive for workers to rest and unwind in comfort and safety, and it means fewer cars on the roads.”

Tune said FIFO miners can also use the facility to Skype or e-mail their families at the end of the day.

Last year, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) said fatigued drive in/drive out (DIDO) miners are contributing to an increase in vehicle incidents.

They are driving home tired after a long day’s work, causing increased numbers of accidents in Central Queensland, RFDS said.

General manager resources Mike Goodall said Greyhound expects the Wi-Fi facility to result in cost savings for mine companies.

“We want to offer ways to turn bus travel into productive time by making use of our Wi-Fi technology to conduct employee site inductions or online training on the coach,” he said.

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