Mining a possibility for sacked Holden workers

The mining industry might be one place sacked Holden workers can look for new jobs but most of them will require significant training to make the transition, according to one recruitment specialist.

Steve Shephard, group director for global recruitment group Randstad, told ABC Radio that each individual worker would need to look at his/her skills and certificates to work out if they are transferrable to mining.

“The first point is actually helping them find that starting point, because as I said, many of these people would have been there 20-30 years and never had to go and look for a job and have no idea even where to start,” Shepherd said.

The Federal Government has claimed that some auto workers could find new jobs with BHP if its shelved Olympic Dam expansion were to go ahead.

According to the Chief executive of the South Australian Chamber of Mining and Energy (SACOME), Jason Kuchel the idea  has merit and the sacked workers could also potentially find work elsewhere in the South Australian mining industry.

However, he said the industry first needs more infrastructure investment.

"To advance projects, we need critical pieces of infrastructure which would bring projects forward and create thousands of jobs in construction and thousands of jobs in the operating periods of the mining as well," Kuchel told ABC Rural.

"Of course, those pieces of infrastructure don't just create jobs now, but would create jobs for the next hundred years."

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