Minesite incidents and reporting on the rise in Queensland

An upward trend in Queensland’s mining safety incidents has
been met with optimism by Natural Resources and Mines minister Andrew Cripps.

“It is not a
bad thing that we had an increase in high-potential incidents that were
reported to the inspectorate,” he said.

“It is an indication of a strong culture of reporting potential safety
hazards in the industry.”

In the 2012-14 financial year there were 2170 high-potential
incidents reported to the mines inspectorate in Queensland, 297 more than the
previous year, representing a 16 per cent increase in the number of reports.

Cripps said that while there was an increase in the number
of reported incidents, he wanted to encourage more reporting, and have inspectors
target problem areas revealed in the report.

“We must always encourage that culture on our mine site
because safety is everyone’s responsibility on a mine site,” he said.

ALP candidate for Mirani Jim Pearce said mining companies had reasons
for not reporting incidents.

“I believe there’s a bad environment out there for potential
serious injuries to occur,” he said. “I think there are still
incidents when injuries aren’t reported,” he said.

Image: safetyrisk

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