Miners to spend big on IT

Research house IDC says the mining industry's investment in information technology is set to rise as companies look for new ways to manage rising costs.

In a statement yesterday IDC said the mining boom "may have reached its peak" and companies would be looking at new ways to squeeze profits.

"The sector will be increasingly challenged by the requirement to manage costs within a global environment of moderating growth, and within a local context of high labour and energy costs in Australia," it said.

IDC said the mining industry had not traditionally been a "big spender" in IT but the sector's future growth in spending was expected to be higher than the market average.

The resources industry accounted for six per cent, or $2.51 billion, of information communication and technology spending in 2011, and IDC said that figure would grow by 3.8 per cent to 2015.

The market average for growth in ICT spending levels at 2.7 per cent.

"As the sector starts to experience moderate growth, it is very heavily focused on improving operational efficiency and improving productivity to drive up margins," IDC said.

Image: Panasonic

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