Miners strike to keep days off

A group of Mount Owen coal miners are striking to stop plans to force them to undertake 'training days' on their rostered days off.

The contractors, who work for Thiess, are carrying out a series of 24 hour stoppages every Sunday until their grievances have been met, the ABC reports.

It comes as the workers and Thiess renegotiate current workplace agreements.
Speaking to Thiess, they told Australian Mining that negotiations are ongoing and that "we are attempting to negotiate in good faith".

The striking workers' actions have been backed by CFMEU northern district president Peter Jordan, who stated that it was 'unacceptable' that workers are forced to work during their days off.

We work seven day rosters, we work 52 weeks a year, we work 12 and a half hour shifts and we get a few days off a week and employees want to enjoy those rostered days off," Jordan said.

"They don't want to be mandated to work them.

"If a company wants to work their rostered days off, the employees should voluntarily make that decision."

It is understood that it would be a single, paid day of training on a rostered day off.

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