Miners show their support for breast cancer research

Workers at the Golden Grove mine in Western Australia have joined tradies around the nation and suited up in pink to show their support for breast cancer research.

In the month of September, tradies are encouraged to join the Real Men Wear Pink fundraising campaign, and the team at Golden Grove is leading the charge with $13,510 raised to date.

Golden Grove project engineer Dave Wilton said enthusiasm for the cause on site has been excellent, with employees dressing in pink workshirts, dying their beards, and even painting an underground dump truck to show their support.

“There’s probably about 28 people running around in pink, we’ve got a pretty classic bloke, our maintenance planner Dave Miller… he’s painted himself pink, he’s got pink hair and a pink beard, it's all pink," Wilton said.

“We started collecting money the month before, in August, and raised about $11,000” Wilton said.

“Penny Truman is our co-ordinator, she’s the one organising everything, so people have been collecting money in the meantime.”

Golden Grove mine operator Mining Minerals Group (MMG) is leading the board as the top fundraising organisation for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign, with $52,082 raised so far.

Second place is currently held by Barrick Cowal Gold Mine with $4,100.

A close call

The cause is one very close to Wilton, who helped his wife to fight through the ordeal of breast cancer.

“My wife Sarie had breast cancer in 2006. Our family was completely devastated when we heard the news,” he said.

“Sarie was very positive about receiving the treatment (mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and anti-hormone drugs) and we met a lot of wonderful and helpful people during the journey to recovery, people who either offered to donate to the expenses of the treatment or who gave us their support in other ways.

“We as a family were truly thankful for this. I don’t know how we would have managed without their continual support, good will and encouragement.”

Wilton, who is also a cancer survivor, said he feels that owes his support to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for the support they give to families coping with the disease around Australia.

“This is something very close to my heart because of my missus, it’s something that I feel that I owe, but even if I hadn’t gotten cancer, I still would have supported the association.”

“I was pretty lucky, I was working for a company in Turkey, and they diagnosed it very early. It was removed by surgery in 2010, and I’ve been fine ever since,” he said.

“I believe that now it is my turn to try and help some family in Australia who will experience the same problems that we went through.”

Work wear manufacturer Bisley are selling pink high-viz workshirts, with $3 from each sale to be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The shirts come in a range of styles, suitable to match all existing site uniforms.

Click here to learn more about the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

Image: Geraldton Guardian

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