Miners more trusted than the media

A recent survey has shown Australians have more trust in the mining industry than the media.

In a report by Essential Vision the company compared the perception of industries and how trusted they were to act in the public interest.

The most trusted industry  was agriculture, followed closely by tourism.

However at the bottom end of the spectrum was banking, mining, the media, and power companies.

Only 32% of those surveyed had trust in the mining industry to act in the public interest, while 33% trusted the banking industry, and 30% had faith in the media to act in public interest.

Power companies were the least trusted, with only 18% believing they would act in the public interest.

Mining also caused the most division, with nearly 10% of respondents unsure if mining was trustworthy while 60% believed it could not be trusted to act in the public interest.

Despite ranking behind banking, more people actual distrusted the banking industry than mining, with 65% surveyed believing that banking could not be trusted.

The trust in mining was also split starkly along political lines, with Essential Vision stating that "the only industry on which there were major differences [in opinion] was mining where 43% of Liberal/National voters had a lot/some trust compared to only 25% of Labor voters and 17% of Greens voters".

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