Miners lower standards to fill jobs fast

Mining companies are lowering their recruitment standards in order to find desperately needed workers, according to The Treasury.

In an economic round-up Treasury said the skills shortage was hurting businesses and forcing miners to make changes to how they find staff.

"An excess of demand for skilled employees has also seen firms in the mining and related construction sectors becoming less selective in recruitment but spending more on training," it said.

The report said companies were also continuing strong investment in delivering fly-in fly-out workers, particularly from the eastern states to Western Australia.

It said while recruitment by mining companies was still booming other sectors had a "more subdued outlook" in response to global economic uncertainty.

Treasury said there was a high turnover of skilled workers in the mining industry and workers were able to "move between firms with ease".

It said businesses had reported that with such strong competition workers were also putting a higher value on conditions and work quality.

According to the economic round-up the resources sector is continuing to draw labour from other sectors, and non-mining firms in WA and Queensland are finding it harder to find staff than similar firms in other states.

Last week Rio Tinto said it was launching one of Australia's largest recruitment drives to fill 6,000 workers in four months.

The Government has called on the company to focus on Australian workers before looking overseas to fill positions.

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