Miners hunt US veterans for $65K-$200K jobs

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship says it wants to fill 400-500 mining jobs with US workers, and former war veterans could fit some of the roles.

US-based Stars and Stripes reports Australian ambassador to the US Kim Beazley said mining companies would welcome US war veterans into their workforce.

"In Australia, we have a culture of assuming that men and women who have been through the defence forces arrive in the broader community with very great skills discipline and motivation and, therefore, we assume that a similar atmosphere surrounds those who are veterans of American armed services," he said.

A spokesperson for the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship also said most skilled migrants would seek Australian citizenship.

"When people come to build Australia, we invite them to become part of the nation," they said.

A recruiter for Employment in Australia told Stars and Stripes US workers heading to the Australian mining industry could expect wages from $65,000 a year to $200,000.

Image: TexasFred

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