Miners high on legal drugs

Miners are reportedly taking synthetic marijuana, which can not be detected, while operating heavy machinery.

According to The West, miners had taken the substance known as ‘Kronic’ in their dongas, after which they were randomly tested and escaped detection.

Integrity Sampling, a drug and alcohol testing firm, stated that the drug could not be detected in most urine and saliva tests.

The firm’s director, Bill Martin, is convening with police over rumours that the fake cannabis is rife at mines sites, The West reported.

Martin stated that the drug is apparently five to ten times more powerful than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active substance if cannabis, yet could not be traced as it does not contain THC.

Kronic is reportedly banned in 16 countries.

Last year police carried out a massive drug busting operation, named Minesweep, targeting miners which saw 2600 passengers and 2500 bags searched on flights from mine sites across Australia.

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