Miners help to police town

An Illawarra miner is helping police keep the peace in Helensburgh.

While Peabody Energy has long carried out patrols around its own mine site, it is now being brought in to help patrol public areas, according to the ABC.

Community consultation has seen the miner patrol areas such as the town centre and sporting fields.

The move is reportedly supported by the local police, community groups, and the miner's community consultative committee.

Peabody's community consultative committee spokesperson Bob Scullion said police in the area are almost overwhelmed on weekends.

"There's only two policemen usually on duty on a Friday or Saturday night and they have got a big area to cover," he said.

"And if they get a call out its very difficult for them to get back into Helensburgh if they are down at Thirroul for a domestic".

Peabody operates the Metropolitan mine in the region.


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