Miners find unique way to battle site theft

With the high price of equipment on a mine site, the temptation to take it and resell it is too much for some.

Site security and theft has been a constant problem in Australian mining, although not to the degree of other nation's resources industries.

With this in mind some operations have begun marking their equipment with invisible chemicals, dubbed Chameleon Asset Protection, that appear under UV lights, in an attempt to battle on site theft, The West reports.

According to Meridian Services' Nina Hobson the industry is losing millions each year due to theft.

"It's everything, televisions, laptops, tyres, generators, knives, forks and tools are obviously a huge one, [even] lighting towers," Hobson said.

She stated that the technology will be rolled out on Fortescue Metals Group's mines first.

Hobson explained that Chameleon is "a liquid solution which, when dry, is invisible to the naked eye and virtually impossible to remove.

"It will provide an exact fingerprint which will allow identification of any asset to a specific site or client; varying coloured fluorescent compounds will be detectable under UV light and analysis of samples will facilitate traceability of the item through a secure database."

An FMG spokesperson told The West that this technology will be a deterrent to theft.




Image: EPCM World

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