Miners defend FIFO

The Minerals Council of Australia has defended the use of fly-in fly-out work and 12-hour shifts for remote mine sites.

ABC Rural reports MCA director Sid Marris told the Government FIFO inquiry 12-hour shifts were not the product of FIFO and were actually preferred by workers.

"Even if we wanted to change back [to eight-hour shifts] the workers wouldn't wear it, all mine workers do genuinely prefer the 12-hour shift," he said.

According to ABC Rural Marris also said industry royalties had dramatically increased and the Government should direct more of the funds to communities dealing with large numbers of FIFO workers.

The MCA said FIFO was necessary because of the shortage of workers available and the remote location of many mine sites.

According to ABC Rural it said many problems related to community life in regional towns were the result of shift work and were "not necessarily an issue of FIFO".

The inquiry has previously heard strong criticism of FIFO from community groups, locals, and other organisations.

Earlier this month the CFMEU said FIFO workers were a "Western Australian phenomenon" and risked ruining communities in Queensland.

WA locals have also voiced anger over the rising tide of transient staff and the impact they have on rural housing, facilities, and infrastructure.

Image: Investor Property

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