Minerals Processing Plant of the Year Finalist: Deswik Mining Consultants

Deswik Mining Consultants' Fine Grinding Mill is a finalist in the 5th Annual Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

Deswik Mining Consultants’ Fine Grinding Mill is a finalist in the 5th Annual Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

The Mill was recently introduced to Australian Shores and has many distinct advantages including greater recovery at reduced capital and operating cost.

The efficient operation of the mill lies in a combination of factors which include vertical arrangement allowing up to 80% of the volume to be filled with ceramic media.

The grinding media stabilizes the patented impellor system by acting as a roller bearing system.

This results in a fast grind with narrow product size distribution.

The entire system is monitored by PLC controlling variables such as pump input flow and tip speeds.

The Mill is available in a range of sizes from 250L through to 5000L capable of delivering 4 tonnes/hr through to 150 tonnes/hr depending on required end product size.

Trials of the Mill in action have shown that it can produce a range of particle sizes from D50 200um down to 0.1um with low standard deviation.

According to Deswik Mining Consultants’ sales manager Stephen Massey, the mill’s release in Australia could not come at a better time.

Australian mines are constantly under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.

The design of the Deswik Mill means it uses less power than its competitive counterparts and therefore, improves the recovery in many grinding circuits.

The Fine Grinding Mill has already been implemented in many countries across the globe including South Africa.

South African company, Aquarius Platinum, said they were so impressed by the mill that they have gone on to purchase a second and third unit.

The first test Mill is currently being commissioned for AMMTEC in Western Australia and will be available for testing in the coming months. It is hoped the mill will have as much success in Australia as overseas.

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