Minerals Council slams NSW planning amendments as ‘job-destroying’

Amendments to the New South Wales planning bill due to be introduced to parliament today will threaten mining jobs and the economy, the state’s peak mining group says.

“These amendments strike at the very heart of planning certainty in NSW,” Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

“They would put the future of existing mining operations at risk, deter new projects, and seriously damage the viability of NSW as an investment destination.”

The amendment seeks to overturn the NSW Government’s Mining SEPP which attempts to create some consistency around how land use issues relating to mining projects should be assessed in terms of economic benefits and environmental impacts.

Galilee said current environmental regulations in NSW are some of the toughest in the world but the proposed amendments risk future development in the state.

“These amendments go way too far and would apply across the economy, putting major projects in other sectors at risk as well, particularly infrastructure projects,” he said.

Galilee accused the Labor party of running an “extreme green agenda” which he says will risk jobs.

“Such little regard for jobs in mining communities is expected from the Greens, but NSW mining workers and their families have every right to also feel betrayed by the Labor Party that claims to represent working people,” he said.

Galilee called on the NSW Government to vote down the amendments, saying if it doesn’t it will create heightened uncertainty in mining communities.

"The NSW Government must stand up for working people and reject this job-destroying amendment,” he said.

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