Miner tests low impact gold extraction process

 Minotaur Exploration has announced it will conduct field trials for a new CSIRO in-situ gold processing system that does not require cyanide.

The two entered into an agreement to conduct the trials of the CSIRO’s new recovery process at the Tunkillia gold project, which have the potential to completely change gold mining.

If the trials are successful, Minotaur says it will “obviate the need for pre-stripping and open cut mining of the oxide resources. No crushing, grinding or cyanide circuits would be required.

“Waste dumps and tailings dams would also not be required and the likely environmental impact is reduced,” the company added.

The method itself involves leaching of gold in-situ in the host rock, into solution, and recovery of the gold from the solution at the surface after abstraction from boreholes drilled into the rock mass.

Cyanide is not used at any point.

The Tunkillia trials will focus on modelling ground water movement and transmission of the leach solution through natural fracture pathways in host rock.

Minotaur has an exclusive six month period to use the technology.

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