Miner sustains crush injury, trapped for over an hour

A Queensland coal miner has sustained serious crush injuries after his arm became pinned in a cable reeler for over an hour before help arrived.

The man trapped his arm between a metal cable reel and reeler attachment when he was removing a line fitted to a diesel loader in a storage area.

There was no one else working nearby at the time.

In its report the Queensland Department on Natural Resources and Mines said in order to remove a bolt from the mounting cradle retaining clamp the worker had to place his arm in a pinch point.

“While doing so, the cable reeler rotated and the reel dislodged from the cradle,” the Department stated.

Two similar incidents have previously occurred at the mine which has not been named.

The Department said to ensure these types of accidents don’t reoccur companies need to ensure engineers have assessed attachment designs, undertake hazard analysis and provide ongoing employee training.

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