Miner sues for $2 million after car crash

A man who left a mine site after work and drove for 10 hours before crashing is suing for negligence.

47-year-old boilermaker Leon Scholl was working at a mine in Coppabella in 2011 when he finished a five-day swing and decided to drive the 1000km home.

Sunshine Coast Daily reports Scholl drove for over 10 hours before falling asleep at the wheel and crashing, leaving him with serious permanent injuries.

Taking his case to Rockhampton Supreme Court, Scholl is suing his former employer Environmental Group Limited and Workcover Queensland for negligence for failing to educate workers about the dangers of driver fatigue.

It is claimed the employer knew the long distance Scholl was forced to drive in order to get home and failed to take the proper safety precautions including training and warnings about fatigue

Scholl said he had approached management to change his roster to FIFO or four weeks on, one week off, but said his requests were not acted on.

According to court documents, Scholl finished work at 5:30pm the day before the accident after working five 14-hour days straight.

He then set out to drive the 1050km from Coppabella to Mutdapilly, about 60km southwest of Brisbane.

At around 4:40am the day after Scholl left the mine site, he crashed into a power pole on the Warrego Hwy near Bowenville.

It is claimed he suffered brain damage and a broken nose, ribs and right leg, along with a dislocated ankle and a knee injury as a result of the crash.

Scholl was also left with severe scarring to his face and ankle and lost his sense of smell as a result of the accident, the court heard.

Scholl is seeking more than $2 million worth of damages.

Environmental Group Limited, previously known as Mine-Assist went into administration last year and so the court case is being brought against Workcover Queensland.

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