Miner says he’s a ‘big bloke’ but ‘very fit’

A miner who was found to be morbidly obese and deemed unfit to work, admits he’s a big bloke but claims he is very fit, hitting back at critics.

Blackwater miner Ian Mattson has hit back at critics following a story about his battle in court to get his job back.

After a workplace accident in February 2011, 48-year-old Mattson was told not to come back to work.

Mattson then took his fight to court, but the case was dismissed in November 2011 with the court stating that he was "unfit to operate due to a significant and foreseeable risk of sudden incapacity" under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation Act.

However the case was overturned under the same act as it was found that Act is "not concerned with the risk of a worker developing an illness or other condition in the future".

Instead it relates to "fitness for work in the sense of ability and capacity to perform the tasks of the relevant position at the time of assessment.

Mattson told The Daily Mercury that he is one of the smaller workers on the Curragh mine site and that many of its employees were bigger than him.

"Out at Curragh, I'm a baby."

Mattson says although he once topped the scales at 160kg, he had continued to lose weight since the accident but says the court case had taken its toll on the miner and his family.

His wife Sharon works part-time and has been their only source of income during the court proceedings.

Mattson says the family is facing the reality that their house could be repossessed.

Curragh Mine has declined to comment on the case.

Image: The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

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