Miner runs into spiky customer onsite

An echidna has been saved from becoming road kill by a Northern Territory miner.

At around midnight Munro Hardy, 25, rescued the echidna from being squashed on site after spotting the monotreme in a busy traffic zone of a gold mine pit at Pine Creek, 185km south of Darwin, NT News reported.

"He could have been run over."

Safety conscious Hardy wore two pairs of leather gloves when handling the spiky critter.

"He wasn't fast but he rolled into a ball when I caught him," he said.

Hardy put the echidna into a spare hard hat and intended on driving him to a safer place in the bush.

However, the naughty echidna had other ideas, first defecating in the miner’s hat and then crawling in under the dashboard of the truck to hide.

"The little bastard crapped in my hat and then crawled under the dash in the truck and into the wiring," Hardy said.

"He was very difficult to get out," he said.

After rescuing the echidna a second time, Hardy eventually let it go in scrubland, a safe distance from the mine.

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