Miner makes $1m claim for mine site injuries

A former Anglo Coal employee has launched legal action, suing the company for more than $1 million for injuries sustained in a 2009 mining accident.

The process worker was operating a 785 dump truck on the Dawson mine when violent shaking of the truck caused soft tissue damage to his spine, The Morning Bulletin reported.

At the time of the accident the man was transporting spoil from the mine face, he had reversed the truck into the correct position but on the second pass he claims an excavator’s bucket was positioned at an unusually high height when it dropped a 3m x 3m rock onto the side of the tray.

The drop caused the truck to violently shake.

The claim, filed with the Supreme Court on June 21, claims the injuries were a result of a breach of duty to provide the employee with a safe place and a safe system of work.

He is also suing the excavator operator for negligence.

The process worker’s lawyer, George Cowan said the man suffered a serious lumbar spine injury and debilitating pain which he said the man will need to manage for the rest of his life.

The man is claiming $80,000 for pain, $866,736.36 for past and future economic loss and additional expenses, with a total amount of $1,077,074.

Earlier this year, Agnes Water miner John Stack sued the mining company over a 2010 accident, claiming $1.4 million.

Stack was injured when a fuel tanker he was driving overturned on a wet road at the mine.

He claimed the accident left him with back injuries and a fear of truck driving.

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