Minemax releases new scheduler with capex functions

Mine planning and scheduling solutions provider Minemax announces the release of Minemax Scheduler version 6.1.9 featuring new Capex functionality enhancements.

The enhancements for using advanced capital expenditure modelling in mining operations and supply chains include modelling alternative capital purchase options (Mutually Exclusive Sets) and the ability to define the order of Capex availability (Dependencies).

Mining companies can use these new features to derive maximum value by optimising a capital-sensitive project or operation.

The new features in the scheduler extend the Capex functionality introduced in version 6.1.7, which has been invaluable for developing practical strategic schedules to meet operational limits. 

The Mutually Exclusive Sets feature allows modelling of alternative Capex options such as different plant sizes and defining those options as mutually exclusive, ensuring the selection of only one option at a time.

This framework enables optimal capital decision-making in the context of mine scheduling, eliminating the need for guesswork or running optimisations for every alternative.

The Dependencies feature enables users to define an order for Capex options such as purchasing multiple capital resources or for developments in a supply chain.

The user can set a dependency between two capital expenditure options to ensure that the second option is exercised only after the first is considered.

Additional features include Capacity Decay (or Expiration), which allows for modelling a limited lifespan of trucks; Capacity Ramp-up that ensures accuracy when modelling start-up periods of processing plants; and Multiple Instances enabling the definition of a single Capex, which can be purchased many times.

Minemax Scheduler version 6.1.9 featuring all the new enhancements is available for download to all maintained users.

Minemax will be demonstrating the Capex functionalityat the AusIMM Iron Ore 2015 conference in Perth.

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