MineARC Provides Cost Effective Solution to Combat Heat Stress in Underground Mines

The Climate Control Shelter is MineARC’s answer to the prominent issue of heat stress within the mining industry.

Heat stress has long been cause for concern in underground mining, experienced as a result of the relatively narrow range of climatic conditions within which the unprotected human body can operate efficiently. It occurs when heat is absorbed into the body faster than it can be lost. Working in confined conditions or in close proximity to hot machinery increases heat stress, particularly if this work requires the wearing of vapour-impermeable protective clothing.

Heat disorders attributable to extremely hot environments range from irritations to fatal conditions; the most common of which in a mining scenario include cramps, poor motor control, nausea, exhaustion and heat stroke. In these environments there is a significant decrease in productivity and a high rate of accidents.

To date, factors for combating heat stress on underground mine sites include ensuring that workers are appropriately clothed, are acclimatized to high heat environments, and are adequately hydrated and rested. This generally involves miners leaving the work area at regular intervals, and travelling extended distances to an underground break room.

A far more time and cost efficient solution is MineARC’s Climate Control Shelter (CCS); a fully portable unit that can be placed in close proximity to the underground work area, and relocated as required.  The shelter minimises time lost during legally mandated break times, which up until now can contribute to several hours of wasted productivity every shift.

“Drawing on our experience in fire resistance and chamber technology, the CCS utilises thick glass wool rigid board clad over the shelter’s robust steel structure”, says MineARC General Manager, James Rau.

“The CCS is a thermally insulated structure, limiting the transfer of heat between the external environment and the internal chamber. This allows occupants to set the split system air conditioner to any desired running temperature (including heating for cold climates), and for the internal temperature to equalize quickly.”

Included within the unit are hand wash facilities and cushioned seating to provide comfort, as well as communication entry ports, a fire extinguisher, internal and external lighting, and a portal window. Shelters can also be custom designed to feature site-specific amenities including drink dispensers and fridges.

If you are interested in the Climate Control Shelter for your site, please contact MineARC, whose qualified engineers can work closely with you to produce a solution to best suit your needs.

For more information on this media release please contact Andrew Kindon, Marketing Manager, on: +61 (8) 9333 4966 or Andrew.Kindon@minearc.com.au

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