Mine workers chase new legal highs

A new version of the synthetic drug known as Venom has hit WA streets and is being favoured by mine workers.

According to a tobacco retailer in Perth, chemicals to produce the drug are being imported from China and the production and use of the substance was increasing.

Although the retailer does not sell the drug, he said a lot of customers were asking for it.

“It’s like the next generation of Kronic,” he told the West Australian.

“God knows what’s in it.”

As Australian Mining reported, synthetic drugs have been a serious issue at mine sites across Australia, particularly in NSW, QLD and Western Australia, where recent tests showed that nearly one in ten miners had used Kronic.

The products are designed to mimic the effects of marijuana, and are much harder to detect in routine drug checks.

While synthetic cannabis products popular in the mining industry were banned last year, their availability online and at local stores means workers can still access the drug.

Last year the WA State Government listed several synthetic cannabis products including Kronic, Voodoo and Mango Kush as illegal.

However, Opposition leader Mark McGowan says the Barnett government was continually trying to play catch-up with drug manufacturers’, accusing the government of a ‘band-aid solution”.

McGowan said the government needed to adopt a clear long-term policy on legal highs as new versions were being developed constantly.

Image: WA Today

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