Mine solution Pitram upgrades software performance

MICROMINE has released Pitram 4.10, the updated fleet management and mine solution that assists in recording, managing and processing mine site data in near real-time.

It is suitable for underground and surface mine construction, development and production, and comes with 35 new features and over 650 improvements.

Pitram 4.10 provides mine managers with an overall view of the current mine status through the acquisition of key mining data relating to equipment, personnel and materials.

Pitram product strategy manager Gareth Dean said, “We place a lot of emphasis on better understanding our clients’ needs and their feedback has guided some of the changes in Pitram 4.10. The new features and enhancements will provide greater control for mine managers and assist to increase production, reduce costs and improve the decision-making process.”

Some of the key features include the removal of compatibility mode to support modern browsers. Previously, Pitram was supported by Internet Explorer browser (IE10 and IE11) and required the compatibility mode to be turned on. Enhancements in version 4.10 allow all Pitram modules not using Microsoft Silverlight to be displayed and used in other popular browsers, such as Chrome, Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

Another key feature is an enhanced shift planner function, which now includes multiple shift roster functionality.

Earlier versions were only able to operate in a single shift roster mode. In the enhanced version, the shift planner function has been extended to support multiple shift rosters.

Dean said, “Mining is a 24-hour operation with shift handovers and overlap covered by more than one shift. We introduced this functionality to ensure accurate capture and reporting of production.”

Pitram has also redesigned the mobile database in Pitram Mobile to improve the overall performance of the application. The new database will save time for users, increase efficiencies and allow for a more streamlined user experience.

It assists clients with stabilising mobile installs, increasing data transfer and improving the overall stability of the mobile platform. Current analysis has shown in some instances reference data takes only 14 per cent of the original data transfer and processing time.

“Pitram 4.10 includes a number of enhancements specifically focused on improving stability and performance, which means users will have more control over their operations,” Dean said.

With a presence in over 90 countries, MICROMINE has a team of specialists who can provide support and services in the local language and time zone.

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