Mine safety has a birthday

Swedish company Alimak Hek is celebrating its 60th birthday.

Swedish company Alimak Hek is celebrating its 60th birthday.

The company has been providing mine safety equipment to the mining industry for more than six decades.

The company entered the market with its raise climber.

Combining a hoist with a work platform that runs on a guide rail anchored to the hanging wall, the raise climber introduced an improved stoping technique — “The Alimak Method” — which is said to have made significant and lasting improvements in underground working conditions.

In recognition of the company’s contribution to technological advancement in the mining industry, the international trade journal, Mining World/World Mining presented Alimak Hek with its prestigious “Blue Ribbon Mining Award.”

In 1966, the company introduced the rack and pinion-driven permanent industrial lift to the industry.

Providing time-saving, safe, and comfortable vertical transport for men and materials, the lifts were widely used to provide secondary or emergency vertical access between levels.

According to the company, the rack and pinion lift is equipped with a broad spectrum of unique features to

ensure safe operation including a progressive safety device which engages automatically and brings the car to a smooth stop should the lift exceed the rated speed.

The lift’s machinery plate is constructed to ensure that the pinion of the safety device always remains in engagement with the rack.

Andreas Magnusson

Alimak Hek AB



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