Mine leak affects Queensland graziers

A grazier in north-west Queensland claims waste leaking from a nearby mine has turned water on his property bright blue.

According to ABCRural, waste material from Perilya’s Mount Oxide has leaked through the Chidna Station, contaminating its water supply.

"Yeah, it’s copper in the water and other minerals. The water that’s running down the creek has a PH of two-point-something. As far as I know, that’s fairly close to battery acid,” grazier Verdun Spreadborough said.

The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation claim that they have been unable to locate the source of the contamination and solve the problem.

The Mount Oxide mine, prior to 1958, produced 51 000 tonnes of secondary copper ore at a grade of 21% CU.

Current resource estimates put the mine at around 203 000 tonnes of contained copper.

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