Mine ignores energy drink drug test claims

A West Australian energy drink maker claims its key product was wrongly blamed by a worker who failed a drug test for methamphetamine at Glencore’s Murrin Murrin nickel cobalt mine.

Preflight Energy, which aims to more broadly distribute its namesake caffeinated drinks in the state through IGA supermarkets next month, revealed there was concern they could show up on drug tests.

“We currently service Murrin Murrin mine site and have many FIFO customers,” Preflight recently said on its Facebook page.

“We have been informed that someone onsite failed a drug test for methamphetamine and is trying to blame Preflight.”

The young beverage company, which also supplies fitness centres, revealed that bodybuilding stimulants dimethylamylamine (DMAA) and dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) could fail to pass drug tests.

“The reason why some pre-workout supplements show a positive reading is because of the use of ingredients such as DMAA or DMAE (geranium extract),” the company said.  

“Preflight does not contain either of those ingredients or any other substance that could produce a false positive. If this is a concern of yours, be rest assured that you a 100% safe with Preflight.”

The mine did not confirm Preflight’s claims, or reveal if any disciplinary action was taken against the worker who allegedly blamed the drink for a failed drug test.

“Minara Resources conducts regular drug and alcohol testing at our Murrin Murrin operations,” the Glencore subsidiary said.    

“As a matter of course, we neither comment on rumour and speculation, nor disclose personal information about any employee, contractor or visitor.”

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