Military already working to protect mining assets

The Australian military is already working to ramp up protection of oil, gas, and mining assets in Australia due to the rising risk of attack from terrorists or resource-hungry nations.

According to a draft white paper leaked to the Australian Financial Review Australia's lucrative resources may be seen as vulnerable and poorly-protected due to their isolation.

“Work is already under way to enhance the ADF's preparedness for operations in the north-west,” the white paper said.

“The government recognises the economic importance of northern Australia and our offshore resources has increased.”

Measures to ramp us security follow a recent attack on a gas plant in Algeria, which Australia's Defence Force Chief David Hurley said would be studied to help prevent similar attacks in Australia.

Last year the Federal Opposition called for the defence force to play a larger role in protecting Australia's resource assets, and flagged increases in the navy to help lead the measure.

In early 2012 planners in the ADF also urged the military to maintain a strong presence in resource-rich regions.

Australian mining companies working overseas have also recently upped efforts to manage the risk of emergency incidents.

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