Middlemount coal mine floods

Yancoal's Middlemount mine has suffered heavy water inflows as the Queensland floods continue.

In a statement released earlier this week, Yancoal announced that ex-tropical cyclone Oswald has dumped significant amounts of water into its Yarrabee and Middlemount open cut coal mines.

"Yarrabee recorded over 360mm and Middlemount 420mm of rain from the event," it stated.

"One of the levee banks surrounding the Middlemount mine was breached and water flowed into the open cut," it added.

Australian Mining was told by a person familiar with the operation that "the pit is full of water; lots of pumping for the next little while".

It is installing pumping equipment into the mine.

Production is likely to halt for the next three weeks, with the restart of operations unknown for now.

Whilst production was suspended at Yarrabee, it restarted after only a two day shutdown.

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