MICROMINE unveils ring design software

3D geophysical survey data captured in Micromine.

MICROMINE will release the Micromine 2020 software to include a series of innovative ring design tools, crucial in maximising mining production, efficiency and safety by achieving precise drill and blast results.

Micromine 2020 Ring Design, which will be released in November, offers highly accurate, intuitive and sophisticated ring design planning tools to increase levels of control during design for engineers.

The new ring design function is fully integrated into Micromine’s market-leading exploration and 3D mine design software solution, which is used by more than 1500 customers worldwide.

Micromine 2020’s enhanced software allows engineers to easily create, view, edit, mirror, copy or replicate rings.

Users can also generate detailed plots of ring designs with comprehensive customisation options, such as adding annotations, summary tables, legends and graphs.

The software turns raw mining data into a meaningful 3D design. The visual representation simplifies and accelerates the process of creating and implementing advanced ring designs, while enabling users to adapt and customise their views.

Micromine’s product analyst Andrew Esmaili said the new features were in response to client requests and sought to address their day to day challenges.

“Ring drilling typically occurs in confined spaces, so it’s vital for design engineers to have an awareness of geometry, mining conditions and drilling equipment. However, the reality is that modern engineers spend more time behind computers and less time in underground workings,” Esmaili said.

“Micromine’s ring design tool allows planners to define the size and shape of the rig(s) being used at a mine. They can utilise a new utility to apply constraints that ensure that the boom’s range and coverage limits are not inadvertently exceeded during the design process.

“These new utilities provide interactive feedback to the designer, eliminate guesswork, eliminate manual intervention, minimise the probability of downtime and lead to more precise designs.’’

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