MICROMINE releases field logging program Geobank Mobile 2019

MICROMINE has launched the latest version of its field logging program, Geobank Mobile 2019, featuring enhanced interface control, data capture, camera integration, offline help and file exchange functionality.

External DSLR cameras can now be linked to the program, which includes a setting for hands-free image capture from cameras and data, along with an auto-advance functionality to automatically move to the next row or cell after pressing the shutter on the camera, which is used to set logging patterns and make manual logging easier.

The program also has the ability to integrate with Canon and Nikon cameras and can ensure the file names are correctly recorded when the photograph is taken to cut down on time spent renaming them.

Calculation errors now use a warning triangle to differentiate them from validation errors, allowing for the different types of errors to be managed independently.

Additional KT-10 modes allow conductivity or magnetic susceptibility to be captured with a single reading through the Geobank Mobile.

Sites where the internet connection is slow or limited can now enable the option to always use offline help, which provides the benefits of synchronisation without expending resources to access web-based help.

Geobank Mobile also now exports Micromine .dat files in the latest format for increased compatibility between Geobank Mobile and Micromine.

Rows in files exported from the app are also now sorted based on the rules configured in the logging profile editor, letting an operator set the sorting order in advance to make transferring data simpler.

Geobank product strategy manager Ian Whitehouse said the company consulted its users, finding they were seeking improvements to better integrate Geobank Mobile with their other tools and ways of working in the field.

“The Geobank team addressed this feedback through a raft of product enhancements, while also correcting minor bugs and enhancing some backend functions for office-based database administrators,” Whitehouse said.

“We’ve built on the key features and advantages of the existing Geobank Mobile, including its rich data input controls, powerful calculation fields, flexible data validation rules, easy configuration and existing third-party tool integrations, and created a superior solution that works hard for users in the field and office.

“The changes make Geobank Mobile even easier to use, allowing users to spend more time reviewing the data captured and analysing insights,” he concluded.

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