MICROMINE launches subscription-based technology service for miners

3D geophysical survey data captured in Micromine.

Mining technology company MICROMINE has introduced two subscription-based bundles for users of its Micromine software.

The subscription model is in keeping with popular offerings from other tech company services such as Netflix, Adobe, Amazon Prime and Windows, and is designed for improved convenience and flexibility.

This payment method also allows companies to move software purchases from capital to operating expenses. The company, known for its suite of mining exploration products such as Geobank, Micromine and Pitram, said that this pricing model will also open up the software to smaller explorers for whom the previous one-off payment model may have been too prohibitive financially.

“We’ve grown so accustomed to not buying software and services outright, that the idea of subscribing on a pay-as-you-go model made sense,” said Micromine product strategy manager, Mark Gabbitus.

“Convenience and the reduction of high initial costs were cited by many of our customers as reasons they would like to see us offer subscription pricing.”

Micromine is offering two separate pay-by-the-day services, called the Explorer bundle and Geology Modeller bundle, which are available to all Australian users with plans for eventual international expansion. Micromine is also planning to launch monthly and annual subscription services in the future, as well as additional bundle options.

The Explorer bundle includes the Micromine Core and Exploration modules, providing users with visualisation, analytical and drill-hole management tools at a cost of $250 per day.

The Geology Modeller bundle includes the modules from the Explorer bundle as well as the Wireframing and Implicit Modelling modules for $300 per day.

“At MICROMINE we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers today and into the future. When they tell us they want more options, we give them more options,” Gabbitus said.

“We are always monitoring our customers’ expectations and needs to ensure that we are delivering software and services they need, how they want them and when they want them.”

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