Micromine launches subscription-based software

3D geophysical survey data captured in Micromine.

Micromine has unveiled a bundle subscription model for its mining software solutions.

The subscription model will be available for new Australian customers to keep pace with industry requirements.

Micromine offers software solutions that span the mining lifecycle, including geological exploration, data management, resource estimation, 3D mine design, planning and production control

Chief commercial officer Vicky Bevilaqua said the new model provided greater flexibility and accessibility to its software.

“Consumers no longer want to buy software and services outright, they want the flexibility and convenience to use services and systems as and when they need,” Bevilaqua said.

“For junior explorers in Australia, for whom traditional one-off purchases is cost prohibitive, Micromine’s new offering alleviates the need to find the capital to invest in software upfront and they can choose the subscription period they need.

“For larger customers, who purchase multiple licenses, they benefit from a lower initial cost and the ability to offset the costs over a number of years, as well as an ability to change their licensing arrangements and software choices as their needs change and projects evolve from exploration through to full production.”

Software bundles include explorer, resource modeller, and mine designer, among others. All bundles provide tailored solutions to customer’s needs.

All bundles can be purchased on purchase daily, monthly and yearly subscriptions to suit specific needs while reducing up-front costs as licenses do not have to be purchased outright.

“It’s no longer a matter of whether individuals and companies want to go digital, as it was when we started our business more than 30 years ago,” Bevilaqua said.

“It’s now a matter of how, where and when they want to digitalise their activities, so Micromine is keeping pace with that change.”

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