MICROMINE to integrate Geobank into IMDEX logging software

MICROMINE will align its data management solution Geobank with IMDEX logging software to simplify and optimise the collection of data in both exploration and product environments.

The integration is done strategically to assist MICROMINE’s operations, particularly in remote areas with poor connectivity, so that data can be stored in the cloud or a proprietary database.

Geobank product strategy manager Mark Gabbitus said, “Integrating with the IMDEX REFLEX IQ-LOGGER allows geologists to view and manage data in Geobank at the time of collection, reducing the effort required to merge data later.

“It also allows the data to be presented to the geologist in the field as they are working instead of weeks later. This gives the geologist the ability to make near real-time decisions that add value to a drilling program.”

Geologists and geotechnical engineers across the mining value chain use the data from REFLEX IQ-LOGGER to understand the orientation of the ore controlling structures.

The solution negates the excessive time usually taken during logging. Furthermore, the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER handheld device facilitates the digital transfer of structural measurements at the press of a button, providing a reliable digital audit trail.

All readings and measurements are automatically uploaded to the master database, where they are merged with the laboratory assay results. This is done to produce a full geoscientific database for use in 3D modelling software, such as Micromine.

Nick Payne, IMDEX’s global product manager, structural IQ, said, “It is an excellent opportunity to link the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER into the rest of the logging workflow. Our aim is to make the job of geologists easier and to improve real-time decision making. This integration serves both those ends.”

In addition to the IMDEX integration, Geobank is also able to connect to magnetic susceptibility devices, barcode readers, GPS, scale devices and on-board cameras.

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