Michelin launch new loader tyres

Michelin has developed new loader tyres with improved casing protection.

According to the manufacturer the new XTXL E4/L4 features a reinforced casing play, and reinforced bead zone.

Designed as a replacement to the Michelin XLD D1 tyre, the equipment has a 10 per cent improved tyre life over the previous model, a 15 per cent increase in load carrying capability, up to 20 per cent more torque from the wheel to the ground through the rim interface compared to the XLD D1, and importantly it has up to 20 per cent reduction in time spent out of service due to its enhanced puncture resistant crown and stronger sidewalls.

“New generations of more powerful loader models are the new normal on many sites,” Jamey Fish, director of Earthmover Marketing for Michelin North America, explained.

“This tyre enables operators to maximise their operating time and face their productivity challenges head-on. And longer tyre life is better for the environment with fewer raw materials being used and fewer tyres to be recycled.”

The tyres are equipped with Michelin’s B2 technology, which cut rim slippage due to a flat bead wire that increases clamping force on the wheel and surface contact.

It has more solid steel cables, increased overall metal mass, and steel belts that increase protection against puncture.

Load capacity has been increased to more than 36 tonnes more than the previous model.

Its shoulder design helps the tyre to cool more quickly after operation, while the central zone and its larger lugs are cut resistant to improve both damage resistance and traction capability.

 Wide grooves and channels provide traction and grip on graded and loose ground conditions.



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