Metso Outotec strengthens materials handling family

Metso Outotec conveyor

A Metso Outotec conveyor. Image: Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec has partnered with German manufacturer FAM to deliver the best of both companies for in-pit crush and convey (IPCC) and tailings management plants on a global scale.

The global non-exclusive cooperation agreement will allow the companies to combine their leading expertise to form the strongest alliance of its kind in IPCC manufacturing.

President of minerals Markku Teräsvasara said the agreement should allow Metso to meet its goals in sustainability and customer demands.

“Sustainability is a top priority for Metso Outotec. In addition to our investments to develop our IPCC and tailings management plant offering, we are pleased to be able to announce our cooperation with FAM,” Teräsvasara said.

“This will allow us to meet our customers’ growing demand in such plants, where spreaders or conveyor bridges are required.”

FAM has a long history of bulk materials handling and processing, dating back to the foundations of steam powered equipment and the first double-portal excavator for coal mining.

The company has since perfected its craft, with nine subsidiaries worldwide and a presence in over 80 countries.

FAM chief executive officer Torsten Gerlach explained how Metso and FAM could work work well together.

“FAM’s leading technology in dry tail stacking systems and spreaders ties in well with Metso Outotec’s hard rock crushing and minerals processing portfolio,” Gerlach said.

“Where end-to-end systems are required, we are glad teaming up with a strong partner.”

Metso Outotec’s commitment to science-based climate emissions targets have been well publicised, as it has looked to climb higher on the list of the world’s most sustainable companies – where it currently sits eighth.

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