Metso, Outotec make headway in merger completion

Metso and Outotec have announced a board of directors ahead of the two companies’ merger into Metso Outotec.

The Metso Outotec merger is scheduled for June 30 and will fuse Metso’s minerals business with Outotec, which specialised in a range of mining technologies, into one company.

The new company will aim to deliver sustainable technologies, solutions and services to the minerals processing, aggregates, metals refining and recycling industries and is designed to cater to the strengths of both Metso and Outotec.

Metso’s mining equipment president Stephan Kirsch will serve as president of Metso Outotec’s minerals business, while Outotec’s president and chief executive Markku Teräsvasara will become the new company’s president of services and deputy chief executive officer.

“I am happy to announce the future structure and executive team for Metso Outotec. I’m confident that led by this team we will create a strong culture and deliver the benefits of the combination to our customers, shareholders and employees,” Metso Outotec future president and chief executive Pekka Vauramo said.

“Above all, Metso Outotec will be strong in sustainability. Our extensive combined offering for minerals processing from equipment to a broad range of services will help our customers improve their profitability and lower their operating costs and risks, while at the same time reduce the consumption of energy and water.”

Metso Outotec will be comprised of six business areas, including minerals, aggregates, metals recycling, services and consumables.

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