METS Ignited announces $4m in project funding

The funding award is designed to foster collaboration between METS companies and the mining industry.

Growth centre METS Ignited will provide $4 million in funding for collaborative projects that deliver innovation to the Australian mining and resources sector. 

The funding is part of a four-year, $15.6 million funding plan by the Australian Government to address priorities in the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

To be eligible to receive funding, each project must feature at least three METS companies that stimulate “cross-pollination of ideas and skill sets,” according to METS Ignited.

The funding will be matched by equal or greater investment from mining customers, ensuring a spend of at least $8 million.

“Facilitating new solutions for mining challenges is part of the mandate for METS Ignited. It’s vital we support the development of influential future technologies by METS companies as this will maintain the competitiveness of Australian mining,” METS Ignited acting chief executive officer Ian Dover said. 

“There are new software solutions, devices and facilities already in use across the industry thanks to this initiative. We’re looking forward to supporting the next group of applicants in commercialising their concepts.” 

METS Ignited was founded by the Australian Government in 2015 as one of six industry growth centres designed to foster improved international competitiveness across several industries.

The centre’s mission is to strengthen Australia’s status as a global hub for mining innovation through the commercialisation of new technologies.

METS Ignited is scheduled to hold a webinar with Austmine on August 1 to provide further details of the application process. 

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