The metals that will be most impacted by technology

Rio Tinto, through research by Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has detailed the metals that are expected to be the most impacted by new technology.

According to a graph included in a Rio presentation, tin is predicted by MIT to be the metal that will be most affected by technology, followed by lithium, cobalt, silver, nickel and gold.

The technologies that are expected to impact these metals include autonomous and electric vehicles, advanced robotics, renewable energy, and advanced computing and IT.

The presentation was delivered by Andrew Latham, head of Rio Tinto Ventures, a division recently established to take the company into new business areas, such as the rapidly expanding lithium sector.

Latham said the miner had experience in almost all of the metals covered by MIT’s research, while also knowing many of them well.

He explained the chart “summarises MIT’s analysis and it provides a guide” to some of the areas where Rio’s Ventures team would be looking at opportunities and was willing to invest.

Source: MIT (via Rio Tinto).

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