Metal Magnetic Mill Liner Designed for Secondary and Regrind Ball Mills

In the crushing and mining arena, the choice of mill linings in comminution circuits is critical to grinding efficiency, overall cost and product quality. 

Mill lining is a major cost in milling operations – accounting for up to 5% of the overall cost of mineral processing ; the capital cost of the lining, the downtime required to replace the liner, and the labour for installation.

On the other hand, the right mill linings often increase the efficiency of a mill by lowering energy consumption, increasing throughput and reducing maintenance costs down the line.

As a result of an industry-wide demand for efficiency within the competitive economic climate, a wide variety of liners have been developed in an effort to increase wear resistance, improve grinding efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The Metal Magnetic Mill Liner Difference

One such mill liner that has been installed in over 600 applications throughout the mining industry worldwide is the metal magnetic mill lining (MMML).

The MMML is a wear-resistant steel-encased magnet that combines the best qualities of typical steel and magnetic liners.

Long service life – The magnet holds the metal magnetic liner to the shell and retains ball chips and magnetic minerals to form a solid protection layer which serve as the wear liner – the outcome of which has proven to have a service life of over 10 years. 

Grinding efficiency – The thickness of the metal magnetic liner with the protection layer is less than that of a conventional liner, resulting in a greater working volume and efficiency than traditional grinders.

Damage prevention The MMML absorbs the ball chips and debris to its surface; preventing its discharge from entering the mill while the solid protection layer is formed. Ultimately, this prevents excessive damage from occurring to pumps, protects the mill lining and reduces energy consumption.

Installation – The metal magnetic mill liner can be installed with the mill charge in place which saves a significant amount of time and labour during the installation process.

Throughput – The metal magnetic mill liner is designed to provide maximum strength and to specifically increase ball mill throughput in various types of mills.

Most recently, one set of magnetic mill liners was brought to the US for installation into a secondary ball mill used for the grinding of iron ore at Cleveland Cliff’s Northshore Mining. The installation of the MMML was easier, faster and safer than conventional steel liners, and the results of the operation have shown increases in efficiency and profitability while reducing power consumption.

Eriez can design a metal magnetic mill liner to suit your ball mills. For more information, click here.

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