Meandu coal mine implements new fleet management systems

The Meandu coal mine has implemented the Wenco Fleet Management System at its operation.

The system is the same that Roy Hill has implemented for its fleet management.

It is part of the site’s wider automation push, and its agreement with Hitachi for the manufacturer’s first trials of its Autonomous Haulage System globally.

Hitachi has created its automated system in collaboration with Wenco, which consists of a variety of advanced drive and traffic control systems components and onboard machines.

It works by integrating a GPS that controls the speed and direction of the automated vehicles, identifying haul roads, intersections and other areas such as stockpiles and crushers.

The trucks then combine that information with a control system that allows precise speed control, helping them to safely negotiate slopes and traffic at the mine.

Wenco says this new fleet management system will be installed on 44 vehicles, including dozers, drill, excavators, shovels, graders, scrapers, haul trucks, and water trucks.

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