McLanahan unveils new line of vibrating screens

McLanahan has released the MD Vibratory Screen line of vibrating screens; compact, high capacity, dry screening unit for minerals.

The screens handle larger capacities than traditional screens while occupying the same – or less – floor space. They can make multiple product sizes simultaneously as progressively smaller material sizes are separated from deck to deck.

The screens are available in widths from 0.05m to 2m, with one to five screen decks depending on the application. They can handle feed sizes as large as 7.6cm and make size separations down to approximately 60 mesh.

Its design reduces the risk of pegging and blinding, while achieving high capacities due to its ability to make a separation at a given size using a mesh aperture of greater size.

To provide a longer screen life, larger particles are removed by heavier, larger screens, while finer screens see only smaller particles and only a portion of the incoming feed.

The line is efficient as it has a compact design, requires minimal maintenance, has low power requirements and processes product that is completely dust enclosed.

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