McLanahan introduces Mini DDC Sizers

A Direct Drive Crushing (DDC) Sizer offers a cost-effective alternative to high pressure grinding machines. Developed as a result of customer demand, the Mini Sizer offers a lower cost option for sizing low volume ore to fine particle sizes down to 2.5mm industry.

Its small foot-print means it can be wheel mounting or fixed, while its’ right-angle gear reducers allow for installation in low-headroom areas.

The McLanahan Mini Sizer’s features include:

  • Low roll speeds ensure minimum dust and fines generation
  • Direct mechanical drives provide greater control and higher torque
  • Larger diameter crushing rolls
  • Drive systems are available from globally recognized OEMs.

The McLanahan Mini DDC-Sizer is suitable for pilot plants or processing battery minerals such as lithium. Other applications include agglomerated iron ore, phosphates, and heavy metals extraction.

This is the latest in the McLanahan range of DDC Sizers and there are McLanahan DDC Sizers operating around the globe. Like all of McLanahan’s machinery, the Mini DCC Sizer can be engineered to suite a site’s specific requirements. Adaptations include adjustable sizers using either fixed coupling or fluid coupling and a variety of roll designs and tooth configurations.

Roll adjustment is a key feature of the McLanahan DDC Sizer. As a centre sizer both roll shafts can be adjusted forward or backward to provide versatility in crushing settings.

Because worn teeth will quickly reduce the throughput capacity of your sizer, hardface welding can be used to build up or maintain the roll profile on some types of sizer teeth.

The McLanahan design also allows for fast removal of the crushing rolls. Wear liners are symmetrical, bolted in place for easy replacement, made from abrasion-resistant material.

McLanahan will provide maintenance support out of its three Australian offices; Perth, Newcastle and Mackay.