MCA pushes new coal ads, nuclear ban lift despite BHP pullout warnings

The Minerals Council of Australia is to go ahead with advertisements expressing the benefits of coal despite warnings from prominent member BHP that they could pull out of the organisation (or at the very least review their membership) by the end of 2018 if it continues to do so.

MCA executive director of coal Greg Evans confirmed on January 9 that the ads would be paid for by a 2006 fund for the development of HELE (high energy, low emissions) coal.

In addition, the MCA has also announced its support for removal of the current Australian ban on nuclear power. In its pre-budget 2018–19 federal budget submission, it stated that  “nuclear power has the advantage of being able to generate baseload electricity with very low CO2 emissions over its life cycle” and that the government should “standardise uranium legislation and regulation across the country, including rules governing the transport and export of uranium”.

In a release today, interim chief executive David Byers commented on the submission, stating that “the mining sector could perform at its best — generating additional benefits for the economy, the workforce and society — if policy reform was initiated in a number of important areas”.

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