Maules Creek protests enter second year

Protestors have celebrated the second anniversary of the Leard Blockade camp at Whitehaven's Maules Creek mine.

A group of 30 protestors gathered for a 'civil disco-bedience' dance party, featuring a human disco ball, to celebrate the continual blockade of Whitehaven Coal's operations.

The action saw activists dancing to The Beegee's Staying Alive while an acrobat dressed as a disco ball hung from a tripod blocking haul trucks on the road into the coal mine.

The anniversary comes as the most well-known Maules Creek protestor, Jonathon Moylan, escapes jail for creating a fake ASX release purporting to be from ANZ, which claimed the bank was pulling its support from the mine and in turn wiped more than $300 million from the miner's stock price.

Leard Forest Alliance spokesperson Phil Evans stated that the protest camp will continue, stating: "We are not going anywhere; the Leard Forest Alliance is in this for the long haul and we won't rest until Whitehaven are stopped."

Despite the length of the protests, Whitehaven's Maules Creek operations have not been halted, with the miner recently advertising for 450 workers for the site.

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