Maules Creek mine protest camp forced to move

Activists who set up camp in the Leard State Forest more than 540 days ago to protest against Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek mine have been forced to shut up shop and move on.

The anti-coal protesters packed up their belongings this week after the Narrabri Shire Council ordered the group be evicted from the area.

Infamous activist Jonathan Moylan was among those who was told to move on.

Moylan, one of the original members of the camp, has been charged over a hoax press release which temporarily wiped more than $314 million off the value of Whitehaven Coal.

“It seems Narrabri council has left no place on public land to freely assemble and express ourselves,” Moylan told the Naomi Valley Independent

“We decided it was easier to move the camp, rather than continue the stoush with Narrabri council.”

The group have set up a new camp 10 kilometres away on a private property at Maules Creek.

Moylan said the group was committed to protecting the forest from mining activity.

“We’ll be continuing to use people action to protect the forest,” he said.

Meanwhile, protests continued near the mine site yesterday with an activist perched on top of a giant tripod for more than 12 hours.

Police were forced to use a cherry picker to remove the man.

Whitehaven has previously called protests “a nuisance” and vowed to go ahead with the development of the mine.

“Protestors should respect the fact that this is an approved project that has passed the highest contemporary environmental approvals standards,” a spokesman told Australian Mining.
















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