Massive Tasmanian blasting at Savage River

Grange Resources has carried out blasting seven times more powerful than any seen before at Savage River.

According to The Advocate, the miner carried out a cast blast that cost up to $100 000.

It drilled 200 holes down 40 metres into the bench to create a single blast in the open cut mine.

Wayne Bould, Grange’s COO said the large blast at the magnetite mine is more typically used at coal mines, but was used to get at the main mineralisation in the bottom of the pit.

Due to the size of the blast, there was less need for the miner to use heavy draglines to open up the area, reducing worker risks, according to the Advocate.

This risk reduction plan comes as the Tasmanian Government announced new safety requirements for mines in the State.

This was a specialised blast, as normally, the blast holes are only drilled to a depth of around 15 metres, not 40, Bould said.

Following the blast, Grange carried out preliminary observations of the blast patterns and will wait between 24 to 48 hours to make sure that it was carried out according to plan.


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